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Pathogen & ugly microbe free food industry network



Web coordinator

Dr. Satu Salo

Dr. Gun Wirtanen


Maintaining a high level of food safety is a special challenge to the European food industry, which often is of SME-type.

PUFFIN offers coordination of research efforts in the participating countries which otherwise might not be in close contact.

The scientific significance of PUFFIN is in networking high quality laboratories and research groups approaching food safety and production hygiene from different aspects providing new and efficient concepts for microbial risk management.

The outcome of this project is also enhancing uniformity and equality in risk management and thus further increase food safety at European level.

In PUFFIN tools and practices based on scientific microbiological hazard data for risk assessment and management of common pathogens in chosen food chains (e.g. fish, milk, vegetables, meat and poultry) are applied.


First seminars and workshop

will be arranged in Bilbao, Spain

October 3-5, 2007




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The tasks of PUFFIN
1) 1. Decontamination routines and instant care programmes for protective clothing used in high-hygiene areas,


2) Advanced surface hygiene using decontamination technologies and antimicrobial coatings and materials,


3) Risk assessment using computer-aided easy-to-use model HYGRAM.
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